Academic Resources

Wooden blocks depicting two people sharing different ideas with a text overlay that says: "Knowledge is political, and by extension, so is research" (Jaworsky, 2019, p.2).

In 2022, I completed my MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practices, which included submitting and publishing my dissertation. My research paper explored allyship for coaches and the coaching sector, titled: Conceptualising Allyship for Coaching: A Call to Resistance Against Epistemic Injustice. As a result, I have collated many resources for those of you exploring allyship in an academic context.

Whilst these are based on the sources used within my own discipline, the study was a multi-discipline critical interpretive analysis, using sources (about 3000 of them!) from coaching, mentoring, business, psychology, counselling, therapy, social work, education, communications, social epistemology, critical theory and anti-oppressive methodologies, among others. If nothing else, I hope it gives you an idea of what you can find out there.

a headshot of Lou facing and smiling the camera, wearing a khaki green shirt and gold necklace

Of course, if you want to geek out – please get in touch. And good luck with your own research!

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