ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLE: International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring

A summary of my MA Dissertation where I looked across different disciplines (just under 3000 sources) to conceptualise a framework for coaches to understand allyship, diversity, intersectionality, belonging, solidarity, prejudice, and epistemic injustice. Full citation below:

Chiu, L. (2022) ‘Conceptualising Allyship for Coaching to Promote Social Change’, International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring, (S16), pp.40-54. DOI: 10.24384/AJWW-CE78.

GUEST BLOG POST: Diverse Sustainability Initiative

As part of my work with their Diverse Sustainability Initiative, I write about some of the work I’ve done with IEMA and reflect on how organisations can turn their words into action.

IEMA is the professional body for everyone in the environment and sustainability sectors. They are committed to supporting, encouraging and improving all these professionals’ confidence and performance, helping them enhance their profile and recognition. They believe in changing perceptions and attitudes about sustainability’s relevance and vital importance as a progressive force for good.

BLOG: Ambitious with Anxiety

This is my personal blog where I write as a Mental Health Advocate and share my own experiences as a recovering workaholic.

GUEST BLOG POST: Career Gappers

If you ever wanted to explore the world, you should absolutely pop in to see what Alex and Lisa are up to on Careers Gappers. Their site contains inspirational stories, helpful resources and enough photos to fuel your wanderlust! Their goal is to encourage, enable and empower professionals to take travel career breaks. In my guest post, I write about how pragmatic optimism can overcome those hesitations from those achieving those big non-work goals.

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