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Developing skilful and confident allies

Allyship, put simply, is doing something in the face of prejudice. In times of war, allies don’t just declare their alliance – they send resources, troops, intelligence, etc.

Whether you want to do more personally or within your community, I want to help you. I’ll release more details about workshops and programmes soon but do drop me an email if you want to explore how we might work together.

What kind…? vodcast live each week

What Kind…? is a vid-cast where Niamh Gallagher, from Quickfire Digital, Marie Oakes, from The Trend Academy, and I discuss the types of work-life questions that many of us have been practising in our heads, over and over again, during times of uncertainty and change. We are live throughout August so join us and/or send us in your questions by email.

Working with a existential integrative coach

What is Existentialist coaching? It’s not technical; it’s personal. It’s less about what you do and more about who you are.

My coaching and training approach is focused on supporting your most valuable resource – you, and your relationships.

You can find out more about what this looks like here.

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About Lou Chiu Coaching and Consultancy

Lou (she/her) is a coach, trainer, and consultant specialising in culture and relationships, working with teams and individuals. A pragmatic optimist and generalist geek.

Lou Chiu operates as a Sole Trader and is based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.