My mother used to tell this story about me: “Louise (only Mum calls me that) started speaking when she was one – she hasn’t shut up since”. Thanks Mum – love you.

She’s not wrong though. Here are some examples of where you can hear me have way too much fun talking to some brilliant people about things that I love exploring with others.

ASK Campaign

Awareness. Support. Keep Going.

These are the key elements of the ASK Campaign to encourage conversation around mental health, with the aim of destigmatising the lived experiences of those struggling with poor mental health.

I’m honoured to be part of their webinar series – where I’ll be talking about those unhelpful internal voices. You can join us live here.

Career Curious

Career Curious is a beautiful community of women and femmes that supports and elevates one another is their career journeys. The run events and share some excellent guides on Instagram.

It’s such a privilege to be joining them in their September 2020 meet-up. You can sign up here.

What Kind…? Pod and VodCast

Throughout the summer of 2020, I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Niamh Gallagher from Quickfire Digital and Marie Oakes from The Trend Academy to practice those awkward work-life questions we have in our heads, out loud. With so many changes happening so quickly, we had so much we wanted to cover. You can catch the recordings are on Quickfire Digital’s YouTube Channel.

Addicted to Business Podcast

Despite quite a deep topic, I had so much fun being interviewed by Nathan Lomax from Quickfire Digital and Stokely Howard from Trendy Grandad! Here we talk about how acknowledging multiple selves can help make us move forward more authentically. They host a wonderful podcast – I’m biased of course – but you should check them out! Can also be found where all good podcasts are found.

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