Lou Who?

Lou Chiu

Did you see what I did there? Lou Chiu, Lou Who? – it rhymes!

As you can see, I have quite a geeky sense humour, which gives you a bit of an insight into who I am. Here’s a bit of a crash course into some of my key identities:

  • Generalist Geek
  • Recovering Workaholic
  • Pragmatic Optimist
  • Elder Millennial
  • Fierce Friend
  • Authentic Ally
Culture and Relationships Coach, Trainer, and Consultant

After over fourteen years of helping people work out what they love doing, and how to do that, I realised that it’s something I wanted to concentrate on. So here I am!

My focus on culture and relationships comes from the belief that other people are the biggest contributors to our joy, frustration, sense of self, how we make sense of the world and to our future achievements and failures. I also believe that each individual, in turn, influences and impacts those around. The thing that motivates me is the idea that each person is able to put a bit more good out into the world, just by starting with themselves.

You can find out more about my coaching and training style here.

Life long learner

As an advocate of life-long learning, I am also currently studying for my MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practices at Oxford Brookes University – so that my clients and I have the best chance of success.

I am an avid consumer of podcasts, videos, and reading materials. I have left many a play/readlists across the internet. Always happy to swap recommendations!

Life before coaching

Prior to setting up my own practice, I worked in a variety of support, marketing, and engagement roles in education, including as a Director at a membership organisation. This included promoting peer support; helping disadvantaged communities access lifelong education and training; promoting liberation, equality and diversity in communities; and providing support in combating poor mental well-being; loneliness; and low self-esteem.

This involved managing multiple departments, training and development, mentoring and coaching, stakeholder management, and SO much public speaking.

Also – if you love the photos on this website – go check out Jeanette Bolton-Martin’s portfolio. I had the best time working with her!

Want to find out more?

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