Gordon, GuildHE

Having supported GuildHE on their Anti-Racism Programme, Gordon, the Chief Executive, and I had some in-depth conversations about what this works means for the organisation internally. As a result, we ran quarterly sessions to explore their cultural rituals and collective beliefs that influenced their own allyship actions. We continue to check in and compassionately challenge one another, creating curiosity and accountability – it really is great stuff!

Reads: "Lou worked with us facilitating Active Allyship sessions that helped us explore how we talked to each other as a team, what emotions and mindsets were being engaged and what we bought to any conversation because of who we were. She helped us to explore power imbalances and develop strategies and techniques to support and intervene. Overall, I think our work with Lou has been transformative in taking our stated organisational values from something on a website to a genuine expression of how we work as a team Not always comfortable but deeply worthwhile. Gordon, Chief Executive, GuildHE"

Published by Lou Chiu

I help people and teams create curious, compassionate and courageous communities, as a coach, trainer, consultant and professional pragmatic optimist. Also, recovering workaholic, ally and advocate, generalist geek, and am usually amidst organised chaos.