1:1 Coaching Services

Coaching and Personal Development

Bringing with me my Existentialist values, the bespoke coaching programme I offer is focused on accessing the full you. Together, we would create the focus and experience of these sessions. Depending on what comes up for you, I will bring in a range of developmental, psychotherapeutic, experiential, and reflective tools to help you access the resources you already have to help you move forward.

Below are some suggestions on what we might work together on. If you have any questions, please ask! Before any commitment is made, I insist on a Discovery Call (1 hour) to explore how we might best work with one another – on me of course!

How does it all work?

– Delivered online or in-person (depending on location and current social distancing guidelines).

– A one-hour discovery session before any agreement is formalised (at no cost to the client).

– An invoice will be issued after each session, to be paid within 28 days of issue. Additional charges would be made for late payments.

– Standard coaching fee: £100 per one-hour coaching session.

Bring Your Whole Self

How to recognise and reorganise the complex human that is you, to do the things that you love well

We are often in conflict, whether that’s with others and/or within ourselves. In our sessions, we would use curiosity, compassion and courage to help you identify and recognise the different voices that influence your actions and inactions, and how to be aware of them, rather than ignoring them. This could help make you feel and perform that much better – as an authentic version of you. This is particularly helpful if:

  • you’re feeling stuck
  • you’re embarking on change
  • you’re looking to have a better work-life balance

Working It Out

How to cultivate and nurture a leadership style that works for you

The idea that leaders have to look and behave in a certain way has changed over time. As liberating as that can be, it means the hard work to decide what type of coach, manager, or leader is down to you. This programme is designed to help you understand your natural skills and strengths to develop into a leader that feels like the adultiest version of the true you. This is particularly helpful if:

  • you’re already in a leadership role and looking for personal, rather than technical, support
  • you’re feeling stuck at work and/or want to make positive changes
  • you’re looking for your first or new leadership role
  • you’re looking to have a better work-life balance
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